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English is the language of business. TALLenglish is the fastest way to learn to speak English.

TALLenglish is a product of GET – Global Educational Technologies.

When you speak English well, you improve your career and life success. TALLenglish can help you. Click on the For Individuals tab.

International businesses are more competitive when their employees can communication in the language of business: English. To learn how TALLenglish can help your employees learn English and can PLUS translate your propritary terms and processes into native languages, click on the For Business tab.

Educational institutions can attract world wide students when they offer a successful English-learning program. For the benefits to educational institutions, click on the For Educational Institutions tab.

TALLenglish helps Government agencies be more effective by enhancing the language skills of any employee working with foreign nationals and translating specific information into the desired language. Click on the For Government Agencies tab.

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Why TALLenglish?

TALLenglish is revolutionary because its goal is COMMUNICATION. All instruction in TALLenglish is aimed at helping the learner communicate in English. There are approximately 2 Billion people learning to speak English at this very moment. Statistics tell us, however, that as high as 94% of them will not become fluent. Why will they not become fluent? Because the focus of the system is on teaching vocabulary words and grammar principles.

Actually communicating in English can be difficult and lack of communicating in English causes barriers. If you or the people in your organization have studied English with other systems and still cannot speak English, it is time to invest in TALLenglish with its hundreds of learning activities, videos, songs, chants, etc.

The distinct advantage of TALLenglish is its patented system of blended learning – giving the rote learning aspects to the computer and leaving the imaginative and motivating aspects to the teacher.

Break the Barrier!

Studies show that lack of success as an individual, a business, institution or government agency in learning to communicate in English is often not the learner’s fault, but that the system used has failed the individual. TALLenglish with its technology patents turns individuals who are serious about speaking in English into competent communicators, ready to advance their careers and be a valuable contributor on any team.

Click here for the TALL White Paper that explains blended learning. 

TALL in Action

Learning English.Like a series of gears that have to be in alignment to make a watch tick, learning English which has many moving parts, requiring a system with superior design and execution to meet the goals of communicating in English.

The examples below document the superiority of TALLenglish.

1-Four students from the National University in Changwon, South Korea were chosen for a ten-week TALL evaluation. Find out the results of the evaluation.

2-Students of Keiser University in Moldova started at Level 4 to improve their ability to speak English. Read their story here.

3-ESL students at Mexico’s Benemeritos de las Americas prove that TALL is the fastest route to second language acquisition. Find out how they proved this.

4-Intel in Dalian, China learned that TALL is the fastest route to second language acquisition after they discontinued use and began using another application. Read what they did to remedy the situation.

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Benefits of TALLenglish – Blended Learning

By on December 27, 2013

Teacher and student_Blended LearningThe Benefits of TALLEnglish are many. Dr. Ray C. Graham, the generator of the TALL concepts, believed that only through integrating the strengths of software programs with human interaction, can outstanding results be achieved for those people of the world striving to learn English. 

Some programs in high schools, colleges, and universities rely totally on a text book and an instructor. Other commercially sold products rely on the computer with little human interaction.

Dr. Graham states that it is impossible to learn to speak a language without interaction with native speakers. Thus the TALL program provides a combination of computer software programs and interactions with a native speaking instructor or tutor and real world interaction with fellow classmates and the community. 

Benefits of Blended Learning

In a blended learning model, the computer takes over the rote learning process facilitated by teachers in most language classes. The computer provides all of the support materials and is excellent for: 

  • Providing support marterials such as translations, audio and video models of native speech, pictures, etc.
  • Tracking student performance
  • Adapting and reviewing as needed at the student’s own pace
  • Helping the individual at his or her own level

Turning the often boring rote learning over to the computer leaves the teacher free to interact with students and enrich their experience with conversation and motivation. With the TALL model, the teacher focuses on:

  • Modeling models proper sentence structure
  • Providing social interaction to motivate students
  • Providing personalized feedback for spoken and written language
  • Setting individuals for the student to improve

The TALLenglish system provides a teacher’s assistant, making it easy for the teacher to keep track of many students.

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