Mexico City Success Story

Success Story: Benemerito de las Americas

Mexico students

A comparison between TALL english and Touchstone from Cambridge University Press was conducted during the winter semester 2009 at the Benemerito de las Americas school in Mexico City.

After using both applications, three random TALL classes and three random Touchstone classes were given the Ballard & Tighe IPT English Literacy Test. The test covered reading, writing conventions, writing comprehension and an oral test.

Ballard & Tighe IPT English Literacy Test Results

In each of the four categories TALL students scored substantially higher as depicted by the chart below. This means that in each level of the categories that measure language proficiency, TALL out-shined the competition by a large margin! This difference can be recognized by your ESL students as well. Click the contact link above to get in touch with a representative to find out how TALL is the fastest route to second language acquisition.