It all started with Dr. Ray Graham, a Professor at Brigham Young University-the platinum standard in linguistics and second language training. Dr. Graham felt frustrated with the amount of time it was taking students to learn a second language and he knew that there must be some way to unlock the spaces in their mind that helped them understand another language.

In order to find the answers to his questions, Dr. Graham set out on a journey with some of the brightest minds in Educational Psychology, Instructional Design, Linguistics and Computer Science, to discover how to help other people learn to communicate in a second language quickly, effectively and permanently.

As Dr. Graham and his team journeyed through the past three decades of second language acquisition research, they struck gold! They discovered that the research from the past three decades had literally been ignored in the creation of second language acquisition tools, almost all of which had been created after the research and findings has been made known! As a result, students were unnecessarily struggling to learn to communicate in a second language and many were never able to learn the language!

So, in 1993, Dr. Graham and his team began developing TALL (Technology Assisted Language Learning) with nothing in mind, but applying the aforementioned research into a language learning system, in order to help others learn a second language. $10.5 Million (US) and 186,000 man hours later, 100,000 students had learned to communicate in a second language using the patented TALL system.

In 2007, Global Educational Technologies acquired the rights to market TALL to corporations, government entities, universities and individuals throughout the world. The close collaboration with Dr. Graham and Brigham Young University continues, thus continuing the legacy of quality and evidence-based practice in second language acquisition, and providing English learners the world over the fastest path to second-language acquisition.

Since that time, we have not only told this story to potential adopters of the TALL system, but to potential distributors throughout the world. The result has been not only phenomenal growth, but the successful acquisition of English for individuals throughout the world.

That’s our story, we would love to hear yours!