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Answer four questions and win $50 for the online store of your choice!

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. In order to take this survey and be elligible for the drawing, you must be an instructor in ESL or adminstrator of some kind or an ESL student. The entire survey is open response, so that we may collect the most organic responses possible. Students may take this survey as well, so pass it along to them and let’s see how they respond!
The entire survey is open response, so that we may collect the most organic responses possible.

The responses to this survey will inform much of the research that we will conduct over the course of the next year. Understanding that students face many challenges when learning a second language and that not all students face the same challenges, please limit your response to the challenge you witness most frequently or the one that most negatively impacts students. The results of the survey will be published on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and on our blog at

We just recently created our Facebook page and we look forward to adding more content in the near future. We invite you to take the time to “like” us after you complete the survey, so that we can provide you with some goodies, once we get everything up and running!

Here’s the fine print: All respondents will be entered into a drawing to receive a $50 gift code to the online store of their choosing. The store of choice must allow for the purchase of a gift code online and must allow for purchases from the United States to be used in the country where the winner currently resides. Global Educational Technologies reserves the right to determine whether the store of choosing is appropriate for business (in other words, somewhere you would feel comfortable shopping with your mother watching.) Drawing will be held on Friday March 25th and the winner will be notified directly and revealed on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages. Winner is solely responsible for determining local legalities associated with participation.

In order to be eligible for the drawing, all fields below must be completed.

5. New Radio Button QuestionI would like to learn more about opportunities to: Review product currently under development, class test products currently or near being available, sit in on a focus group, attend an information webinar, etc. *This question is required

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