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For Educational Institutions

Teacher for EnglishTALLenglish is the fastest path to learning to speak English and communicate in English. It is a critical tool to license for every educational institution who wants to attract foreign students.

TALLenglish offers endless opportunities for English-speaking educational institutions to cater to students needs while improving their ability to attract students to core curriculum. Once the student becomes proficient in English, the entire curriculum of the educational institution opens up to the student.

For non-English educational institutions, offering the TALLenglish  program swiftly prepares students for jobs with American companies or companies who work with American entities. Being able to speak English and communicate in English, enchances a student’s ability to provide a living for themselves.

TALLenglish products use a blended learning methodology that takes advantage of technology for the rote and routine – sometime boring aspects of learning a language – and leaves the teacher free to use creativity and teaching abilities to teach new concepts while mentoring, modeling, and motivating the student to progress. 

TALLenglish Products

Superbly suited to the university environment, the TALLenglish products have four levels of rigourous instruction totaling 360 to 480 hours of instruction (depends on the pace of the student learning English) PLUS an additional of College Prep or Academic English that teaches the student how to learn in a  university.

Learn about the four levels of TALLenglish products.

Learn about College Prep or Academic English.

TALLenglish Teacher Assistant

The license for the TALLenglish product includes a Teacher’s Assistant – software that tells the teacher how each Teacher's Assistant croppedstudent is progressing in:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Alphabet
  • Phrases
  • Pronounciation

The Teacher Assistant provides specific goals and material for each individual student as the teacher conducts regular feedback sessions.  

English Tests

GET – Global Educational Technologies who owns the license for TALLenglish products – offers an English placement test to ensure your students are starting at the right levell 

Take a sample placement test.

GET also administers a proctored English certification test your students can take after completing TALLenglish classes. They will receive a certificate certifying their ability to speak at a certain English level. 

Learn more about the ECT.

Successes at Universities Around the World

Success in Mexico!

Mexico students

 Success in Korea!

Changwon Unviersity

Success for Keiser University in Moldova!


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