Tallenglish College Prep

Tallenglish College Prep 

Designed to develop English skills for those pursuing higher education in an English-speaking university, College Prep or Academic English includes the specialized grammar and vocabulary necessary for academic success including a large number of words from the academic word list.

The course is based on the blended-learning TALL model, meaning that the students’ time is divided between classroom activities with a teacher and peers and individual activities on a computer. Upon successful completion of Tallenglish College Prep, learners develop essential academic language skills, such as note-taking, critical thinking and understanding university-level lectures.

Six main skills are emphasized in Tallenglish College Prep: 

  • Reading comprehension
  • Speed reading
  • Listening comprehension
  • Vocabulary development
  • Note taking
  • Synthesizing information from a variety of sources

Each of these skills are critical to academic success in a college or university. In each lesson, students listen to and take notes on a lecture from a university professor. They answer comprehension questions to make sure they understand the material and later discuss the main points and issues of the lecture with their class mates.

Learning Lectures

The learning lectures are taught by university professors and represent a realistic sampling of the types of materials commonly presented in general education classes at American universities. The lectures cover the topics of culture shock, learning English advanced vocabulary, media ethics, and globalization.

Support Languages: Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Samoan, Tongan and Portuguese.  

Hours for the course: 80 to 120.

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