TALL Patents

TALL Patents IconThe Patented TALL System

Global Educational Technologies has been awarded patents, or has patents pending, for many aspects of the Technology Assisted Language Learning (TALL) language learning program.


Patents Awarded (# 6,077,085)

  1. Concept Tagging and Automatic Contextual Filtering System, which allows grammar in sentences to be tagged, the software automatically fetches sample sentences that illustrate the appropriate grammar principle, but filters out sentences that contain grammar principles the user has yet not learned.
  2. Systematically Spaced Review, the method of selecting which activity to do next, real-time evaluation of student responses (speed and correctness) and resulting adaptation.
  3. Phrase Memorization Activities, the ordering of parts and progressive typing. 4. Individualized Automated Student Monitoring and Reporting, the structure of user data tracking and reporting.

Patents Pending

  1. Activity Builder allows designer to create flexible, dynamic, individualized activities and to create custom user tracking and collaborative activities.
  2. Adaptive Path Builder controls the flow of adaptive instruction, and the proper delays between reviews.
  3. Theme Designer enables the ability to change the look and feel instantly throughout a course.
  4. Research Organizer facilitates the set up of varied automated experiments and analysis of the results.
  5. TALL Tools for report generation.
  6. Learning Optimizer, a tool that finds optimal instructional parameters for an individual learner, or groups of learners. This enables even new learners with near-optimal instructional parameters based on the learner’s similarity to other users or groups for which optimum settings have been found.
  7. Learner Guidance System provides the learner with a prioritized to-do list, and itemizes progress through the course.
  8. The Continual Improvement Educational System, provides:
  • long-term retention
  • tools for an instructional designer to evaluate and improve the instruction
  • tools for conducting automated experiments leading to improving the instructional design.